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Rob Schick | Sales Management
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Sales Management

About This Project

Over the past year, I’ve been the sole administrator for a team of 5 sales representatives, and have created many supplemental resources to help them succeed, along with resources for executives to track our progress. This includes:

-Migrating from an Insightly instance to a new Salesforce organization (whiteboard pictured above)

-Customizing our salesforce org by creating custom fields, reports, dashboards, layouts, list views, and workflows designed to streamline sales processes

-Writing a user guide for my sales team to enable adoption (sample here) and regularly updating it

-Implementing advanced lead generation techniques including: web scraping, crowdsourcing with mTurk, identifying valuable lead sources such as crowdfunding sites, linkedin searches, subreddits, STEM groups, and many more

-Creating a lead import template to ensure that vital data is captured correctly (sample here)

-Developing “lead density” reports to identify bare spots and coordinate lead generation efforts

-Creating email templates to enable my team to run drip marketing campaigns

-Using zapier to create a “bounce flagger” which integrates Gmail and Salesforce to automatically identify and remove bounced email addresses from outreach

-Defining an account rating system that allows for key accounts to be easily identified

-Establishing policies and procedures that ensure important accounts get the attention they require, and allows for seamless ownership transfers in the event that they are not

-Added data pulled from the NCES database to salesforce to provide valuable insight on the financial and demographic characteristics of our customers and prospects

-Designed decks for live and online demos (sample here)

-Created multimedia marketing materials for sample requests and trade shows